About Us

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” – Coco Chanel

Could there ever be a better quote to capture our philosophy and the way that we work!

Beauty Care was founded by my Mother, Frances Jeffery, in 1988 and I later joined her in 2004 and the "mother/daughter" team was born and continues today.

With a combined passion and focus for the beauty and wellness industry we now have over 25 brands in our carefully, curated portfolio.

We have an instinctive understanding of global trends and the ever changing skincare and retail environment.  Constant changes, evolutions and scientific breakthroughs make it paramount to keep up to date with new products/brands/education.

We pride ourselves on our exclusivity of our brands and that the brands meet our "Beauty Care" portfolio critiera:

  • Result driven and highly effective
  • Overall wellness approach not just skincare
  • Packaging with a difference and "jumps off the shelf"
  • Conscious to environment .. clean science/organic/sustainable/high performance natural/cruelty free

We offer unique ways to help you grow your business:

  • Product promotions   Bi-monthly Promotions via our newsletter – more margin, ideas for seasonal activations
  • Education & Learning   Training classes, blogs, articles on relevant industry news
  • Information sharing   Social media via Facebook/Instagram including pictures, articles, recipes, information to pass on to your clients
  • Make your life easier   Our own hand-selected playlists on Spotify which you can follow to enjoy and to save you time sourcing music for your salon
  • Being the fulfilled business person you like to be   Tips and tricks for mindful business owners, with an overall wellness approach

We look forward to expanding and growing our company with our valued team and extending our product lines and presence to the professional skin industry.  We value your support and always love to hear from you so feel free to get in contact with us at anytime.