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Friday 20th of July, 2018

If there's one person who is an advocate for and 100% behind the green beauty movement, it's Beauty Care's Managing Director, Olivia Savidan.  

Daughter of Beauty Care's founder Frances Jeffery, she is not only an advocate for green beauty, she also has the knowledge to back it up. Ask her anything and she'll give you the answer along with a plethora of beauty knowledge that you didn't realise you needed until that moment.   

We've cornered her to ask her what does she really use? Find out what we discovered about Olivia and her Skincare Routine.   


Working in the Beauty Industry means you know more about what's inside a skincare product and what's behind a brand. What advice do you have for looking after your skin?  

Feed your skin! Clean, Hydrate and Protect.  Follow a Holistic Beauty approach, and do important steps to make your skin glow.  Internal health/water/omegas are important along with moisturising and protecting every day with a natural sunscreen that has active, organic ingredients. COOLA is an amazing suncare brand that is all natural, cruelty-free and uses locally sourced ingredients that are organic where possible.   



Give us a rundown of your daily skincare routine. (Morning & Night - why you use each product)  


I use the DIVINE Lactic Cleanser daily in the shower, as its very mild (only 1% Lactic) while helping to start the day with a smooth, clean canvas. I spritz with DIVINE Rose Toner, mositurise and then every day without fail I apply COOLA BB+ Cream Medium/Deep SPF30.   It's gives me a beautiful glow and is a sunscreen for daily sun protection. 

I’m pretty simple with my make up routine – blush, mascara, lip liner/lip gloss and I’m out the door.  With two kids off to primary school and me to work, I try and keep it simple.  

I drink about 2 litres of water a day and also take 2 capsules of SKIN Omegas every day to internally hydrate my skin.    


In the shower, I use the DIVINE Hydrating Cream Cleanser and love using the LALICIOUS Sugar Scrub on my body – time to relax and unwind.  I then use the DIVINE Miracle Oil Serum on my face (I love oils) and seal with a moisturiser. I do get to trial a lot of skincare brands that we do due diligence on, so sometimes my routine can vary depending on which products I’m trialling.  


What do you look for in a good skincare product?  

Texture, efficacy, nourishment and non-toxic ingredients.  


What ingredients do you avoid at all costs?  

Any toxic ingredients and Vitamin C.  My skin just seems to react to this Vitamin!  


What does Green Beauty mean to you?  

Authentic beauty, clean beauty, non-toxic.  

I read many books on beauty and wellness but the best go-to book on Natural Beauty I believe is “The Nature of Beauty” by Imelda Burke. It is our bible in our office!  



What is your secret skincare tip?    

Cleanse, moisturise and protect every morning and night without fail.  


What is the one beauty product you cannot live without?   

There are two actually. The COOLA BB+ Cream Medium/Deep SPF30 for that healthy sun protection glow and a Body Shop lip liner in Beech. I have used this lip liner nearly every single day since I was 20!   



What is your one piece of advice for preventing premature ageing?  

Wear sunscreen every day.  


What do you recommend for people with problematic skin (acne)?   

I had teen and adult acne and went on Roaccutane.  I know the embarrassment and lack of self-esteem it causes.  There are so many ways that you can help reduce the problems in relation to acne these days.    

Avoid sugar and limit dairy in your diet and take internal supplements rather than racing off to a doctor and getting prescribed medication that generally just removes the issue rather than fixing and preventing it from returning (causing our skin to be reliant on medication).   

Our SKIN Accumax skin supplements have amazing results with problem skin so I would highly recommend starting on these.  


What does your radar detect will be the next big trend in skincare?  

I am constantly on social media and websites scouring the globe for the next big thing in beauty.    

Clean beauty is no longer a fleeting term or just for the minority, it is now a movement. Bigger global companies are buying up small natural indie brands knowing this movement is here to stay and they want a part of it.   

The wellness industry encapsulates healthy eating, exercise, meditation, mindfulness and also natural beauty.  We encourage and spread the natural beauty movement here at Beauty Care and we also live by what we stand for – so my bathroom/kitchen cupboards are full of clean beauty/household products and I’m proud of that.  Mindfulness, yoga and practicing self care is also a top priority for me.



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