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Wednesday 9th of March, 2016

We all have that friend who's just obsessed with coffee, who knows where the best places to get a good coffee are, who will take any opportunity to let you know when they've had a good experience or bad experience with this majestic hot beverage. Well now there's a buzz around town and it has got nothing to do with taste buds.

People are discovering the incredible benefits of Coffee for your skin. Coffee scrub exfoliates and contains anti-inflammatory properties. It can temporarily reduce cellulite, improve circulation, reduce eye puffiness and leave you with smoother skin. Exfoliating is one of the most important parts of the beautification process. It makes the skin healthy by removing dirt, dry skin, and air pollutants to allow you to expose fresh, smooth new layer of skin.

We all know a good cup of coffee can make you feel brand new and now, with Coffee scrub, we can achieve exactly that with our skin too.