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Friday 5th of February, 2016

Always eat your fruit and vegetables. A lesson the majority have learnt from a young age and now more than ever we understand the benefits of healthy choices in all we choose to put in or on our bodies. 

COOLA Sun-care is our favourite sun-care range here at Beauty Care for more reasons than just the way it feels on your skin. Most importantly COOLA incorporates natural plant phyto-protectors into all of their products.

Why is this a key factor in our favourite sunscreen? Phytochemical's protect plants and have been proven to do the same for us. Ingredients, such as plankton, red algae, and red raspberry seed oil (among others), have innate sun protection qualities and help boost our sunscreen's SPF value naturally. 

We all know we're making a smart choice when we choose to actively protect ourselves from the sun, now we have the opportunity to go even further by making a healthy choice that not only protects our skin but nourishes and moisturises without all the yucky stuff!