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Tuesday 11th of June, 2019

This Winter, nail colours are going to pop and shimmer ‘til there are buds on the trees again.
Winter, you cosy little Minx, you. We love your snuggly ways. But this year we’re not hibernating. 2019’s Winter nail colours are bringing the fun.

Our 2019 Winter Capsule is the cure for drab days. Because who wants to fade into the chilly, grey backdrop?
Bring on the velvety textures, teddy bear jackets and pops of bright colours. Winter, we are ready for you.

2019’s Kester Black Winter Capsule Colours
(all images courtesy of Pinterest)

Barbie - When Trixie Mattel picked up the crown in Drag Race All Stars, we’d like to think her nails were dripping in candy pink Barbie. If they weren’t, they should have been! (Trixie - call us!) This colour has a matte finish.

Bronzer - Bronzer is a toffee caramel sun-kiss for your nails. The perfect winter nude that is chic and understated and will never clash with anything in your wardrobe!

Lucky - Luck be a lady tonight - and that lady is you. Except by “tonight” we actually mean “all the time”, which is when you should be wearing this metallic red. 

Narcissist - Shiraz red nail polish - Love yourself sick in this deep red wine shade. It’s a Dita von Teese daydream for your nails. 

Paris Texas - Paris Texas is an oasis in the desert - the ultimate dusty grey-brown in the midst of a sandstorm. 

Periwinkle - Word to the wise - this blue-black hue packs a dark punch. Pick Periwinkle if you’re after a dark blue shade that’s just a whisper away from black.

Violet - Roses are red, violets are not. This bright purple shade is comin’ in hot.

Poppy - Turn up the beet with this deep burgundy shade that smacks of mulberry jam and red grapes.

Soot - New York, Shanghai, London, Milan. Soot is the slate colour of the urban jungle, and we love love love it.

Coral - A red/pink shade of orange (or the colour of everyone’s favourite little lost fish), Coral’s your go-to shade for date nights, festivals and fancy holidays.


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