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Tuesday 11th of April, 2017

Did you know that Mother's Day is the second most important retail gifting day, right behind Christmas in gifting popularity. To help your business get a boost from increased gift spending this year see inside for our selection of gorgeous Mother’s Day gifts for you to order. Simply put, more retail means more profit. Revenue increasing retail can make a big difference to your bottom line.

How do you make your business stand out?

Are you making the most of this opportunity?  Using Google AdWords is a simple and effective way to sell more gift vouchers. Now is the perfect time for you to launch a campaign targeted to selling more gift vouchers.  Don’t forget your social media – Facebook and Instagram!

Tips to increase Mother’s Day treatment and product sales

  • It’s crucial to plan in advance. Have your stock ready for a three-week run-up to the big day.
  • Your gift ideas also need to cater for all budgets. Cheaper items for children to buy; luxury offerings for daughters and sons who want to spoil their mum.
  • Create a Mother’s Day treatment menu that thinks of everyone.
  • Middle-age mums probably want to spend time with their daughters - consider a Mother’s Day Treatment Duo.
  • Young mums need some time to themselves – may be a two-hour package appointment that lets them choose what they want on the day.
  • Elderly mums can find it challenging to look after their hands and feet – try a mani-pedi package with new Leighton Denny colours and Callus Peel.
  • Soon-to-be-mums also love foot care, particularly when their tootsies vanish beyond the tummy, as well as facials.
  • Give your treatments memorable names that tie to Mother’s Day and include conditions – expiry date and valid times (when do you want them to have their treatments – weekends, mid-week, late nights).
  • Plan a Mother’s Day Competition for your clients - Mums never take time out for themselves, but they deserve it more than anyone!

How to give your windows more wow: 

  • Tempt passersby with a beautiful window display – glowing fairy lights are a real eye-catcher.
  • Explain your Mother’s Day treatment packages with printed ‘talkers’ that explain the deal.
  • Ensure your window display is supported up by an equally impressive gift display inside. Your reception area needs to feel warm and inviting.


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