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Thursday 22nd of August, 2019

We know what it's like to have life get a bit hectic! That's why we know just how important it is to slow down and focus on the important stuff. 

We have worked with Scentered to bring you a list of helpful ideas and suggestions that we may often overlook, that will help to make life a bit less chaotic and allow ourselves the chance to not sweat the small stuff, but to focus (with intent) on the small stuff.

“Essential oils can trigger emotional and mental responses from the brain as well as physical reactions within the body. We can use them in all areas of our lives: to relax and sleep, or to wake up and focus. They can improve our digestion and help to clear and brighten skin. An essential oil is far more than just a smell; the healing effect can be mental, physical and emotional”.

Waking up with a positive vibe and having Scentered FOCUS Balm to boost & clear your mind for the day - try adding a reminder to achieve the goal you made when you woke up this morning.

1. Prep the night before

  • Pack your bag for the next day, ensure you have your Mindful Mini Library in your bag ready to grab throughout the day (practise makes perfect)
  • Decide what you are going to wear, prep what your kids are going to wear (If any)
  • Make the Lunch and prep what you will be having for dinner. (Save money as a bonus)
  • Switch off all tech gadgets at least and hr or 2 before bed or remove them from the room you sleep in
  • Infuse Mint in water (500ml) the night before to drink the following morning along with Cucumber and Lemon. Good hydration to support a good kick start to your day

2. Wake up to your first alarm (don’t be tempted to press snooze)

3. When you wake up in the morning give yourself time to get yourself sorted for the day ahead

4. Before you jump out of bed think of 1 positive thing you want from your day. (this is your Goal/Clear intention & you can start small till you get better at it.)

  • Sit up
  • Reach for your Scentered FOCUS Balm and apply to your wrists.
  • Inhale from your wrists where you applied your FOCUS Balm and think/repeat what the 1 positive thing you are going to have from your day and visualise it.
  • The Clear intentions should start with “I will” then add your goal to invoke a positive memory to support achieving what you set yourself. “Better than a coffee” prepare for the day ahead with this invigorating blend to help direct your mind and boost concentration.
  • Write it down as a goal so it becomes a conscious decision to achieve
  • Go grab the infused water you prepped the night before and drink this before you leave for work or before you leave the house in the morning.
  • Don’t forget to take your FOCUS Balm with you, Stop, Inhale and Reset to support you as a reminder to achieve your goal you set in the morning.

Therapeutic Actives
(Essential Oils) in Focus Balm:

Rosemary - used for millennia to increase alertness and boost memory and keep you balanced

Peppermint – helps stimulate mental activity and increases focus on cognitive tasks could also improve your energy levels.

Clary Sage – aids in relieving mental fatigue and promoting mental clarity towards a positive way of approaching life.