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Tuesday 10th of November, 2015

Finding serenity in a hectic world or what we are starting to recognise as mindfulness. Everyday life in our current society is full of health and lifestyle trends moving from one kale smoothie to the next super food of the week. If there's one simple practice that can truly help you be happier and healthier, it's learning to live in the moment.

Becoming more in tune with our physical bodies is an effective way of becoming more mindful. Sometimes mindful movements can double up as exercise but taking care of your body mindfully can be as simple as recognising it's time to stand up from your chair after a solid stint at the computer. It starts with tuning in and getting curious with how your body wants to move. Maybe it's time for a stretch, a shake, a wiggle. A good stretch is always good for those energy levels!

Mindfulness can be achieved in so many different ways whether its really taking in the lyrics of your favourite song, buying flowers that you love the smell of, admiring the way you've made the bed this morning. It all revolves around taking time to be more aware of your sensory experiences.

"We all have within us the ability to move from struggle to grace" - Arianna Huffington (Author of 'Thrive').

Tune in and start to simply enjoy the wonderful things the body and mind can do.