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Monday 4th of April, 2016

We're all guilty of it these days as technology becomes an absolutely necessary way of communicating with each other. Whether it be flicking through your latest news app, checking what holidays your friends are posting about on Facebook or even refreshing your gmail inbox to make sure you haven't missed anything, we're all a little bit guilty of spending too much time engaged in that screen.

While having your life in the palm of your hand can make things easier and more efficient it's important to know when to stop and latest studies have shown that the time to give up the technology is in the bedroom. Research is showing not only can artificial light rob you of a good nights sleep, it also shows that people exposed to blue, enriched light at night are hungrier and eat more than those who aren't. A study has also shown that people who read from an e-reader before bedtime experienced less restorative REM sleep and were sleepier the next morning than those who read from a paper book. There are also many links to various diseases being made through studies of people being exposed too often to artificial light but it only takes a few simple changes to protect your health.

Just shut off all your electronics at least one hour before bedtime, invest in some paper books, and focus on relaxing in that time period before bedtime and worry less about what the rest of the world is 'liking'.