Back to articles Trend Report: Nail Colours for Autumn 2019

Thursday 18th of April, 2019

Muted tones for the Autumn season? We've got a more vivid palette in mind...


Welcome to your Autumn 2019 nail trend report - after saying goodbye to balmy summer days, we are welcoming Autumn with open arms!


We have so much colour to embrace the change of season- and to add to our manis and pedis... Summer is always a blast, but we love crisp mornings and moody afternoons of the Autumn months. It means we can add a little drama to our nail palette!  And we always make sure we are just as on trend for Autumn as in Summer... so we have some gorgeous mix of candy pink and purple juxtaposed with rich pinot red, and beautiful bronze and taupe for you neutral palette lovers.


Let this palette elevate every layered outfit in your closet. Hope you 'fall' for it as much as we have... 


The best 5 nail colours for Autumn 2019:

1. Barbie - When Trixie Mattel picked up the crown in Drag Race All Stars, we’d like to think her nails were dripping in candy pink Barbie. If they weren’t, they should have been! (Trixie - call us!) 

This colour has a matte finish and perfect for the girls with monochrome wardrobes - this pop of colour is an effortless accessory that doesn't require any thought!


Image courtesy of Pinterest


2. Violet - Roses are red, violets are not. This bright purple shade is comin’ in hot!

When was the last time you saw purple nails? We know this shade will turn heads and make you the latest style icon! 


Image courtesy of Trelise Cooper



3. Pinot Noir - We’ve saved you the trek to Burgundy and found the perfect Pinot Noir for your palette.

A rich burnt red that’s a limited edition colour in collaboration with Pantone. 


Image courtesy of Trelise Cooper



4. Bronzer - Bronzer is a toffee caramel sun-kiss for your nails.

Prefer a more understated look? We have you covered with this gorgeous shade of bronzey-nude, you won't want to wear another colour again because it won't ever clash with your outfit!


Image courtesy of Witchery



5. Paris Texas - Paris Texas is an oasis in the desert - the ultimate dusty grey-brown in the midst of a sandstorm. 


Image courtesy of Pinterest


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