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Tuesday 11th of February, 2020

Wedding season is officially here! Whether you're walking down the aisle or celebrating someone else's big day, looking and feeling your best prior to the big day is a must! That's why we've put together some of our wedding essentials to give you a look that lasts.





LED Treatment
By LightStim

To prevent any breakouts, inflammation or any other skin imperfections prior to the big day, you can use LightStim’s handheld light therapy device in the comfort of your own home. This little light helps to regenerate cells and combat wrinkles by stimulating the skin's natural ability to produce collagen and elastin. The added bonus? It only takes 3 minutes to treat each area - so you can spend more time prepping for your wedding, and less time worrying about your skin.

LightStim LED Treatment



Sugar Kiss Sugar Scrub
By Lalicious

We all know how stressful wedding planning can be, so the night before, treat yourself to a deliciously scented sugar scrub treatment. Lalicious sugar scrubs exfoliate and moisturize your skin - leaving your skin silky smooth. The added hints of citrus, rose and vanilla also make this a nice way to relax amongst the aromas. This is also a great exfoliate if you're planning on getting a spray tan for your big day - as it'll help remove any dry skin patches for a nice even coverage. 

Sugar Kiss Sugar Scrub






Makeup Setting Spray
By Coola

To ensure your makeup stays in place for the entire ceremony and beyond, we recommend our SPF30 Makeup Setting Spray from Coola. A simple spritz of this weightless, matte-finish mist will guarantee your makeup stays looking fresh all day long - and it'll keep you protected from the sun too if you've got an outdoor venue. It's also made with 70%+ organic ingredients and is infused with Cucumber and Aloe Vera extracts so it's great for sensitive skin types and helps to keep your skin hydrated and toned under your makeup.

Coola Makeup Setting Spray


Champagne Nail Polish
By Kester Black

Do away with the boring french tip and instead opt for a classic gold polish to make sure your nails pop against your white dress. We love Kester Black's Champagne polish - it's the colour of treasure, old money and heirloom jewels, and it's a classic shade that remains timeless - just like your wedding photos will.

Kester Black Champagne Polish 


Dawn Patrol Primer
By Coola

Great makeup starts at the base - and a good primer can be what makes or breaks a look - especially when you're gearing up for a long day - you don't want your makeup sliding off your face! Coola's Dawn Patrol Primer gives you that fresh-faced feeling while keeping your makeup in place all day. The silky smooth formula not only provides a multitasking base, but it also keeps your skin looking radiant and ensures a flawless makeup application.

Coola Dawn Patrol Primer