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kaia naturals is reinventing the natural deodorant category using custom-blended essential oils and luxurious signature scents created by a renowned perfumer.

Formulated with activated charcoal, the takesumi detox® charcoal deodorant works to neutralize odor while pulling toxins.







We have formulated our deodorants with activated charcoal as it draws out toxins from your pores, while also fighting odor-causing bacteria.

We feel that it is our role to educate consumers that the body goes through a detox phase when transitioning from an antiperspirant to a natural deodorant.  We found that the average consumer takes 2-4 weeks to fully transion, therefore we broke down the detox journey step-by-step (see stages of detox).

While using the the takesumi detox® charcoal collection, you are not just detoxing, you are making a lifestyle change.




A 2 to 4 week transition period can be expected when transitioning from antiperspirant to natural deodorant

Studies show that antiperspirant users experienced an increase in odorous bacteria in the underarm area when they stop using antiperspirant.  

NOTE: Each stage of the detox may vary depending on your body chemistry.     


WEEK 1: Our activated charcoal formula pulls toxins from your pores and  helps to neutralize odor.

PRO TIP: If you suffer from excessive body odor, use the underarm bar to eliminate odor-causing bacteria on your skin BEFORE applying natural deodorant.


WEEK 2:  Once you stop using antiperspirant and switch to natural deodorant, you will experience an increase growth of odor-causing bacteria in the underarm area. You may also feel additional moisture. This situation is temporary 


WEEK 3:  Bacteria levels may begin to subside and your body will normalize underarm moisture levels and bacteria should begin to decline.


WEEK 4: Your body should have fully adjusted to natural deodorant. Continue to use the takesumi detox® as a daily deodorant. Our charcoal formula will continue to detox and deodorize.


These bamboo facial cleansing cloths are soaked in natural and nourishing ingredients: Organic honey, sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, clinical grade pure essential oils and vitamins B12, C and E. 

100% biodegradable and compostable.

The formulation is designed to cleanse even the most sensitive skin and eyes. Formulate at a pH of 5.5 (skin pH) and perfect for sensitive skin.

These ground breaking cloths are made of unbleached bamboo that is 100% biodegradable and compostable. Plant the cloth, water the soil, and watch it dissappear!

The 30 pack has a double seal closure system to keep your cloths fresh.



the takesumi detox® overnight dry shampoo combines time-activated deodorizers with the luxurious scent of Japanese Camellia. Powered by detoxifying activated charcoal and a blend of ultra-micronized powders, this dry shampoo works to absorb odor and oil while instantly refreshing hair and adding volume to all hair types.



The 100% natural overnight dry shampoo uses new Wing-Lift Technology that works to propel powders without hair and scalp damaging propellants (butane and propane) goes on dry – no wet or white cast. Our dry shampoo offers consumers pure powder. This dry shampoo lasts up to 3x longer than aerosol spray as there are NO PROPELLANTS in the formula.



For optimal results and maximum odor and oil absorption, leave powders near your roots for at least 4 hours. By using the overnight dry shampoo before bed, it allows enough time for the product to absorb odor and oil so you wake up with fresh hair (and a beautiful smelling pillow).



Use anytime day or night to instantly give your hair clean, texture. With our unique Japanese Camellia scent the formula embraces your hair with soft elegance for a fresh washed feeling and scent.

Available in 2 tints: Blonde & Brunette
*lightly tinted only for easy blending




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