Multi-Award Winning Nail Brand

Expert – Professional – Glamorous


It’s LEIGHTON DENNY – The multi-award winning range of Nail Colour, Nail Treatment therapies (Manicure & Pedicure) and accessories.



The philosophy of the Leighton Denny brand is to provide aromatherapeutic and prescriptive care for the hands & nails with a mission to ensure that every product meets 3 key objectives:

Expert formulations – Technologically advanced formulations to deliver superb products for the salon/spa professional.

Professional treatments – Award winning treatments providing luxurious and results-driven treatments, for hands & feet that deserve only the best.

Glamorous – A brand that reflects the desire for up to the minute trends, style & glamour without comprising practicality.


Leighton Denny Treatment Regimes have been developed in conjunction with experts from the medical science, dentistry & skincare to create prescriptive care regimes for use at home and in the salon.

HYDRA FLEX – is recommended for dehydrated, overly strong and brittle nails which are prone to flaking.

BIO-BUILD – is recommended for weak, thin, papery nails.

BRILLIANCE – is recommended for brightening & whitening stained, yellowed nails.

Each consists of a 3 step action program that will be tailor-made to suit the individual needs of the nail condition.

  1. TREATMENT REMOVER to cleanse the nail plate.

  2. TREATMENT SERUM to treat the nail condition.

  3. TREATMENT SHIELD to protect from future damage.


The range is treatment orientated which means that work begins in the therapy room.

Manicure Products – The ultimate treatment for the best-dressed hands and nails.

Pedicure Products – For beautifully groomed feet to be proud of.

High-Performance Nail Colours – Seasonally adjusted. Nail Colour Accessories – Guaranteeing the best results from nail polish.


High-Performance Colour Collection – an advanced, premium formula. Fast drying, easy to apply, lasting high gloss finish, chip resistant, and most important, beautiful colour. “Place the brush on the nail about one-eighth of an inch away from the cuticle and push backwards towards it, stopping just before the skin. Then make the usual stroke up towards the tip. It is better to apply more thin coats of polish than a few thick coats. The thicker the coat, the longer it takes to dry.” Wait three minutes between coats and use our brilliant Miracle Drops to speed up drying time in the end.

Bright & White offers a quick fix to enliven, brighten and whiten, dull, discoloured or yellow toned nails. Bright & White can also be used as a topcoat over colour and change the shade. “Bright & White creates a fabulous groomed look. My clients love the natural “French manicure” look it creates.”

Quatro File & Buffer is a 4-in-1 nail file and buffer. It files, smoothes, buffs and shines. Firstly it files both natural and artificial nails to shape, then it smoothes out ridges and buffs to a miraculous ‘wet look’ shine. Ïf you only have time for a quick manicure, remove polish, apply Slick Tips Oil and buff your nails to a glass-like shine with the clever Quatro Buffer. A shape and shine block that’s numbered for foolproof manicuring. Fabulous”.

Remove & Rectify & Hoof Stick is the product that Nail Technicians say they ‘can’t live without’. It allows them to achieve perfect cuticles without using metal implements. Unusually, for a cuticle remover, it is also a moisturizer that simultaneously works to keep live cuticle skin healthy & supple whilst removing dry & dead skin. The Hoof Stick is the perfect partner to ease the cuticle away from the nail and shape and tidy. “Healthy cuticles are the key to great looking, strong nails. Remove & Rectify makes it so easy to care for your cuticles, the natural fruit ingredients leaves the cuticles unbelievably soft”.



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