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All our waxes are Vegan and Cruelty Free


HOT WAX – available in 1kg (8 x 125g) wax discs.

STRIP WAX – available in 1kg jars. 

ROLL-ON CARTRIDGE – available in 100ml fixed-head cartridge.

Pure Olive Oil

Australia’s best selling thinnest wax! Excellent for speed waxing, ideal for use at low temperature. Soothing, natural formula for sensitive skin with superior grip. Spreads thinly for more applications per kilo, removes even the shortest of hair, extremely pliable and leaves no sticky residue. Great results, easy to use! Available in Hot, Strip and Roll-On Cartridges.

Brazilian Rose XXX

Australia’s No 1 natural XXX wax – Brazilian Rose is mixed with titanium dioxide (which acts as an anti-inflammatory) spreads thinly and is strong enough to remove the toughest hair immediately with no discomfort or irritation. Excellent on the most sensitive skins, anywhere. Available in Hot, Strip and Roll-On Cartridges.

Ultra Flexxx

Creamy smooth Vanilla – is formulated for exceptional results using the most advanced waXXX technology. Its unique plastic texture makes Ultra Flexxx ultra-flexible, have a powerful grip, and perfect for Brazilians. Ultra Flexxx is mixed with titanium dioxide which makes it great for sensitive areas, reducing redness with Ultra Flexxx’s hypoallergenic properties. Available in Hot, Strip and Roll-On Cartridges.



Pre Wax Cleansing Lotion

Prepares and cleanses the skin, removing any traces of creams, bacteria and perspiration prevents wax from becoming tacky, and dries moisture, eliminating the need for powder. Calms skin and prevents bacteria from entering the hair follicle. Contains the hospital grade disinfectant Cetrimide. Fast drying and can also be used prior to electrolysis. Suitable for all skin types.

Pre Wax Cleansing Oil

Recommended for use prior to hot waxing, as this protects the skin greatly. A lightweight Pre Wax Oil, with skin-calming and anti-inflammatory Chamomile and Aloe Vera, which acts as an anti-inflammatory to soothe the skin.

Post-Wax Ultimate Finish

Moisturiser & Oil – The ultimate way to soothe and complete your waxing routine. Its unique formula contains all of the nutritive elements of Lavender, Chamomile & Almond Oils to protect, hydrate and nourish the skin after waxing. An excellent combination that removes any residue of wax on the skin and reduces redness.



Fantastic for use both in-salon and home care as part of the Mancine professional after-wax treatment procedure. Tea Tree Oil calms and protects the skin against bacteria and helps to prevent in-grown hairs after exfoliation and promotes healing. Highly recommended for post waxing.

Mancine Tea Tree Lotion – 5% TTO

Available in retail 250ml and salon 1 litre pump bottles.

Mancine Body Wash – 2% TTO

Available in retail 250ml and salon 1 litre pump bottles.



Competitively priced and made for heavy duty professional use, we are proud to source our quality waxing accessories and essentials from some of the finest and world renowned suppliers available.



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