Summer Tan - Professional distributor for New Zealand

Self Tan-tastic

Exceptional colour, exceptional results.

Key Features

  • Exceptional quality, natural
    and organic professional
    spray tan.
  • Complete & Concise Face & Body range.
  • Affordable Pricing – a musthave range for every salon.
  • Uni Sex packaging – great retail prescence.
  • Incredibly easy to apply as the guide colour shows you where you’ve been.
  • Great, long-lasting results on all skin.
  • Formulas are green based, rather than red-based – no orange tones.
  • No animal testing.

What is it?

Summer Tan is Australia’s leading sunless tanning range. Their exciting new formulas are a quad action (a unique combination of instant bronzers, moisturisers and DHA), and create a natural, healthy, sun-kissed glow that can last up to 5 days on most skin types. Your customers will love the range – natural active Ingredients, and different strengths of spray tan solution. There’s nothing quite like a healthy, glowing, natural-looking tan to make you look and feel fantastic.

Summer Tan Professional Formulas

Spray Your Way to a Healthy Glow…
These solutions consist of a tanning agent and a bronzing agent, as well as much needed moisturizers. The bronzing agent helps you to see where you are spraying or applying the tan and washes off, while the tanning agent (clear) results in a healthy and natural skin glow after a shower around four hours later.

Pre and Post Treatments

Body Polish 1 litre
Smoother, softer skin is our top tip for a natural looking tan. The Summer Tan Body Polish is naturally fragranced with a blend of lemon, lime, geranium & cedarwood essential oils. This indulgent walnut body scrub removes impurities and polishes away dead skin cells, leaving the skin smelling great, PH balanced and feeling silky smooth, making the skin ready for perfect tanning.

Pro-Organic Solutions 1 litre
Ecocert Certified Organic Approved DHA, Alcohol Free, Vegan friendly and carbon neutral unique tanning organic formula which activates and develops a deep, rich and exotic tan in just 2 – 4 hours, without the sun. Instant bronzers for immediate colour and to extend the life of your client’s tan. Oil-free formula will not irritate the skin or clog pores. Pro-Organic allows you to offer a natural alternative your clients. Created in two formulas – Light for fair to medium tones and Dark for medium to dark skin tones.

Professional Solutions 1 litre
The Summer Tan professional formula is a precise blend of premium ingredients designed to deliver the ideal sunless tan. Summer Tan’s exclusive self-tanning complex will leave the skin with a natural-looking, beautifully bronzed tan with longer-lasting colour. Two shades – Medium (8.5% DHA) and Dark (9.5% DHA)

Professional Equipment

We can provide everything to get your business up and running! Whether you’re salon based or mobile based there is a Summer Tan starter package to suit your needs!!

Pro-spray HVLP Spray Tanning System
Produces a fine, even mist ensuring a consistent application everytime. Designed to be used with Summer Tan Professional formulations, the handheld applicator gives the Beauty Professional complete control. VIRTUALLY ZERO MAINTENANCE !! No adjustments necessary. At the end of the day, simply spray warm water through gun. HVLP TECHNOLOGY – High Volume Low Pressure provides drying and gentle spray with very little waste.

Pop-Up Tent
Great for mobile therapists or salons, who would like a cost effective introduction into spray tanning. Easy to move from room to room. Erects and folds in seconds. Folds into own bag with handles 70cm diameter and 3.5kg light. 210cm high x 120cm wide x 120cm deep.


Summer Tan Tanning Mitt
The Tanning Mitt will help make your fake tan application as easy and smooth as possible. Specially designed and tested, our Luxury Tanning Mitt lets you achieve a professional salon finish and is the perfect accompaniment to all our self-tanning products. To ensure you always get the best results, make sure you wash your mitt with mild soap and water after every application.

Sticky Feet Spray
Tan Sticky Feet are a must for all professional spray tan technicians. They offer a no mess and no fuss approach, one size fits all for these disposable, hygienic items. Peel off the top layer to reveal a sticky layer that adheres to the soles of the feet to protect and ensure the soles do not get stained. Your clients will love Sticky Feet!