Professional Eyelash And Brow Tints

Renowned internationally for their range of rich, luxurious colours and gentle, long-lasting formulations.

What is it?

Berrywell® eyelash and eyebrow tints are part of the innovative series by TITANIA®. From the concept and development to production, they stand for premium quality – made in Germany – exactly what our professional customers demand.

What is Augenblick?

A momentary blink of the eye – is the keyword which is all about eyebrow and lash colours by Berrywell. It stands for the goal of the colouring process – pronounced eyes with an unforgettable look.

How many colour shades with the range?

There are 7 shades – Black, Blue-Black, Blue-Blue, Natural Brown, Light Brown, Graphite and Chestnut.

Black No. 1
The classic – eyelashes look longer and more voluminous, and for eyebrows because every single hair gets complete coverage – regardless of the natural hair colour.

Blue/Black No. 2
Gives additional depth of colour with the extra benefit of a lustrous blue sheen.

Blue/Blue No. 2.2
Exclusively for light blonde and blonde lashes; the in-demand colour for the fashion conscious with the perfect match of the eyelashes with blue eyes or blue-shade eye make-up.

Natural Brown No. 3
An intensive depth of colour with great coverage; is primarily suitable for natural brown hair and clients who prefer a natural look.

Light Brown No. 3.1
Considered the most subtle of the browns, it gently accents light blonde to light brown eyebrows and lashes for a natural enhancement.

Graphite No. 4
Discreetly and evenly covers greyed eyebrows or white hair evenly and gives a light to dark grey colour.

Chestnut No. 5.1
A very balanced shade of red, strikes the balance between fashionably coloured hair and eyebrows. The lighter the natural hair is, the more striking the gorgeous chestnut will look.

Berrywell Developer Cream

Berrywell Developer Cream 61ml
A 3% stabilized peroxide, cream-based developer to be used in conjunction with Berrywell eyelash and eyebrow tints. Comes in a large squeezable bottle and is easy to measure with no spills. Mixes conveniently with tints to make an easy to apply paste, allowing for a fast-acting, safe and effective treatment of lashes and brows.


Protective Papers
Pre-shaped papers for professional eyelash tinting treatments. These protective eye pads are uniquely pre-cut to fit perfectly under the lower lashes. The special paper absorbs excess colour, helping to prevent staining of the skin.

Glass Dappen
Sterilizable, ideal for eyelash and eyebrow tinting. An indispensable item for the salon.

Acrylic Mixing Dish
Has three impressions to allow for brow and lash tint mixing at the same time.

Tinting Brush
For accuracy and precision tinting.

Berrywell Recommendation

In case of very sensitive eyes, we recommend that you do a skin irritation test before using the products on the eyes. If your client has not had an eyelash or eyebrow tint before, we highly recommend having a patch test 24 hours before their appointment to test for any reaction. Reactions are extremely rare, however, it is best to be on the safe side – it shows true professionalism.



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